You need great people to make your fundraising work. But you also need a great plan in place. BTA can measure the success of your current fundraising and show you what is and what isn’t working.

Our team has unrivalled experience in all types of fundraising and they can help you come up with successful new strategies and produce a clear, detailed and costed fundraising plan.

This includes:

A Fundraising Audit, which gives you a benchmarked evaluation of your current fundraising skills, resources, systems and performances. We’ll give detailed information about your fundraising capacity and make recommendations on how to achieve it.

We can work with you to develop a brilliant Case for Support. As a crucial part of your fundraising, we will look at your key fundraising messages and help you to express them in the way that donors understand and will be encouraged to give.

We can help create a detailed, costed and benchmarked Fundraising Strategy for fundraising success - with timescales, action plans and key messages. You won’t get fanciful ideas or pie-in-the-sky schemes - just practical and pragmatic ways to help you achieve your full fundraising potential.

We have a particular specialism in Capital Appeal planning and fundraising. We can assess your ability to take on a capital campaign, write a fully-costed strategy and tell you all the ingredients and dependencies required to ensure success.

We’d love to hear from you. Our service starts with a call to us on 01786 542224 and then a friendly, informal chat about your needs.