A great board of qualified trustees is critical to a charity’s success. But that perfect board member can be very hard to find.

The leading charities have successfully persuaded their boards to play a more active role in creating opportunities and delivering their key objectives. And they’re reaping the benefits - tapping into the qualities and skills needed to drive their charity forward.

BTA can help you take a strategic approach to the recruitment and development of your board through our new trustee matching service. Based on our extensive experience and contacts, we have outstanding candidates from both the third and the private sector who are committed to dedicating their time and expertise to help your charity thrive.

You might be a company that wants to support your senior and middle managers to take up trusteeships as part of a personal development plan, to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility promise or as part of a retirement package.

BTA will provide in-house training and then place your staff on the appropriate charitable board. We are uniquely placed to do both.

We’d love to hear from you. Our service starts with a call to us on 01786 542224 and then a friendly, informal chat about your needs.