How does your Board stack up?

Having a board with the right balance of Trustees with the necessary skills and experience is critical to a charity’s success, especially at the moment. You should consider carefully if your Charity Board is correctly constituted and trained? When did you last do some collective training?

Carrying out a regular Board Skills Audit would be a useful first step.

Scotland’s New Humanitarian Emergency Fund

In April 2017, The Scottish Government announced the launch of its new Humanitarian Emergency Fund (HEF), supported by the DEC. The HEF will work with selected aid agencies in Scotland to respond efficiently and effectively to international emergencies.

BTA were delighted to be commissioned by the DEC to recruit a Co-ordinator for the HEF. We wish Annie Lewis all the very best in this important role and look forward to following the progress of the HEF.

Age Scotland forging ahead through innovation and enterprise.

Age Scotland believe life is for living, and everyone should have the opportunity to live happily and well, for as long as they can. Its determination to support that as a charity has lead it down new income generation paths that have reaped huge rewards. It has now separated its business enterprises (Age Scotland Enterprises) from the charity to form Age Scotland Commercial Enterprises.

Analog Kid vs Digital Man

In a time where everything is becoming more and more technology led, Bruce Tait explores how the digital world intercepts with the world of fundraising.

Unlock Years of Unclaimed Gift Aid from your Database!

Lynn Stimpson of BTA Digital shares her experiences of unlocking large sums of unclaimed gift aid through effective database use.

Men at work? The gender imbalance in fundraising

Just 22% of UK fundraisers are male. By doing nothing to redress this imbalance, is the sector missing out on an opportunity to raise more funds?

Gorgie City Farm ‘Save Our Farm’ campaign – success through inspiring a community into action

Gorgie City Farm is a community led charity and has been making a difference in Edinburgh for over 30 years.

However, this time last year, Gorgie City Farm was facing imminent closure. The situation was bleak and yet it rose from the ashes and is flourishing today. How is this possible? Through inspiring leadership and clever fundraising which harnessed the power of the people. Support from people all across Edinburgh was instrumental in saving the farm and leading the fundraising charge was Josiah Lockhart, General Manager.

Covering Letters...How to get them right!

A covering letter can make or break your chances of getting shortlisted for your dream job, however, it’s the area that most candidates fall down on. I hope the following top 10 tips will help you get it right and excite the reader rather than get you eliminated!

BTA Announces an Impressive New Leadership Team

BTA has announced a new leadership team to spur its recruitment and consultancy businesses onto even greater success. The company has experienced exponential growth over the past 3 years while establishing itself as one of the foremost third sector specialists in the UK.

Ten Years and Counting...

Chief Executive, Bruce Tait, shares his BTA story – how it all began and his thoughts on the next 10 years.

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